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Why is Hair Important to Men?

Published 10 January 2019

The matter of hair grooming is not entirely all about the women. Keeping a well-groomed head of hair for men is as important as it is for women. As the cliché goes, “Your hair is your crown and glory” no matter the gender. The hair, after all, is your best accessory. And for men, a well-kept, thick head of hair brings added good looks to an already good face. To a certain extent, it adds character to your personality and even embodies your identity.

Hair Grooming Trend in Men

The obsession over keeping a great looking head of hair is apparent. Just take a look at your local supermarket, you will find shelves of personal hair care and grooming products especially formulated and intended for men’s hair to keep it healthy and well-maintained. In an article for Hairdressers Journal Interactive, a poll conducted by money-saving site Net Voucher Codes UK revealed that 57% of men use between six to ten grooming products per day, which include hair shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products, among many others. And it added that hair shampoo and styling products, came out as the top products men cannot live without.

One of the respondents said that, “I sometimes surprise myself by how many grooming products I have but I do use them all. The ones for my hair are essential otherwise it would look a complete mess.” In addition, Sheriff Mehmet, men’s grooming director of the British Barbers Association even commented that the male grooming industry has certainly boomed and went on to say that, “For many men this is a daily ritual. The male grooming market is booming with new products hitting the shelves every week. In my Envy Barbers shops there is a growing clientele who will specifically buy the latest products for their hair as well as skin.”

The poll also revealed that, while a third of the respondents were encouraged by their partners, 44% shared that they simply wanted to look their best and 13% were inspired by celebrities like David Beckham and David Gandy.

Biological Significance

Apart from the aesthetic value of hair, it has biological importance that most people may not be familiar with. Interestingly, the defining characteristic on top of your head is nothing more than a composition of a tough protein called keratin and dead skin cells. Also, our bodies are almost literally covered with hair. The hair on your head is the first line of defence against the sun’s UV rays. The same goes with the hair on the body; eyebrows and eyelashes also help protect the eyes from UV rays as well as debris.

Apart from keeping the head protected from harmful rays, it protects your head against excessive heat by helping to circulate the air around the scalp and shutting out ambient heat. It also acts as your body’s natural insulator by trapping body heat and keeping it close to the skin, which helps to prevent a drop-in body temperature.

A fun fact about the hair is that it has the ability to retain concentrations of heavy chemicals of ten times more than in blood and urine, like lead, mercury and arsenic. And because of this, hair can be used to detect these harmful substances in the body during testing. And did you know that hair cells stimulate neurons, which give us the sense of orientation and helps maintain equilibrium in our body?

Hair as a Sign of Virility in Men

Aside from muscles and brawn, hair is the embodiment of masculinity and virility in men. A thick head of hair, coupled with a well-toned body, signifies a perceived image of a testosterone-filled man. The bigger the muscles and the thicker the hair means that a man is super charged with the male hormone, which symbolizes the penultimate machismo. After all, testosterone is often associated and synonymous to sexual drive and stamina.

So when a man is showing signs of hair loss, it creates a perception that a man is also losing a part of his maleness. This creates a dent in the self-esteem and self-confidence of a man, with the perceived idea that he has lost a chunk of his manliness when he starts to lose his hair. That is why more men, who are showing signs of male pattern baldness, make a lot of effort in either concealing or treating their thinning hair as soon as imminent signs are showing.

Ironically, according to a compiled statistical data on hair loss, 30% of hair loss sufferers would gladly give up sex just to get their hair back.

Looming Sign of Aging

The likelihood of losing hair increases as men age. According to statistics, 70% of men will show noticeable hair loss by the time they reach the age of 60. However, the same statistics show that 40% of men will begin to show noticeable signs of hair loss by age 35. This significant number of young men losing their hair could be due to genetics, stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices. And if you think you are the only ones suffering from hair loss, young celebrities like British actor of the Harry Potter movies fame Tom Felton, soccer player Wayne Rooney, Backstreet Boy AJ McLean and N’Sync member Joey Fatone are just some of the famous celebrities who have succumbed to hair loss at a very young age.

As posted on the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery website, 62% of balding men experienced a loss of self-esteem according to a Spanish study as reported in Men’s Health. Albert Mannes, PhD, University of Pennsylvania researcher, said that, “Hair loss is associated with aging and thick hair has always been associated with youth and masculinity.

Keeping the Important Hair Thick

Out of these young celebrities, three have made the gallant choice of finding a surgical solution to keep their head of hair. These celebrities have admitted to have undergone hair transplant to combat their hair loss situation. McLean, specifically, even proudly displayed his all-important new hair through his Instagram account saying that he could be happier with the results. He went on to say that, “Some girls get their boobs done some guys get ab implants all to make them happy! This was the one thing I did and I couldn’t be happier thank u dr G!!!!

In fact, based on 2013 statistical report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), hair transplant is listed as the 6th most performed surgical cosmetic surgery among men trailing closely behind with facelift. About 71% of hair transplant patients are performed for men, showing that the issue of keeping hair thick and growing is very important. And the older the demographic gets, the percentage of men getting the procedure is also increasing.

Hair is certainly very important for men. From the biological importance that hair holds, looking aesthetically pleasing to maintaining their youthfulness and perceived virility, hair plays a significant part of any man’s life.

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Bianca Shaw

A well-respected surgical stylist, Bianca Shaw has worked in the hair loss industry for 28 years, educating and supporting patients, and working alongside many of Australia’s leading surgeons. Qualified in Trichology and Hairdressing, Bianca was initially trained by a leading hair transplant surgeon and can perform a range of procedures including hair line design, placement of grafts for maximum density, and the dissection and implantation of hair follicles.

Having worked for leading hair loss companies, and managing a number of successful hair transplant practices, Bianca is committed to helping patients understand the treatment options available, ensuring they make the best decision and get the best results to improve their appearance and quality of life.