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How successful is a hair transplant?

Published 26 September 2019

Hair transplants are a medically proven successful procedure that can replace lost hair as well as add density and volume. Transplants can fill bald or thinning areas and can look completely natural with the new transplanted hairs growing for life.

Both men and women are opting for hair transplants over alternate topical solutions due to their success rates. In fact, there are many examples of celebrities and sports profiles who were able to prevent baldness and turn back time with a little help from science. Hollywood male stars who had hair transplants to cover their receding hairlines include Chris Martin, Jude Law, Matthew McConaughey, Mel Gibson, David Beckham, John Krasinski, and Jimmy Kimmel. Take a look at these before and afters:



If you suffer from genetic hair loss, you will not lose the hair around the sides or back of the scalp which means you may be a good candidate for a hair transplant. Transplanted follicles are taken from these areas which are genetically resistant to the hormone that causes hair loss and transplanted to the balding area.

This donor area is typically near your occipital bone at the very back of your head and from ear to ear. As a result of the follicles being immune to loss, the hair transplant success rate is extremely high. Additionally, these permanent follicles can also be used to treat other parts of the body that have thin hair such as beards, moustaches, eyebrows, eyelashes and scars.

Good selection

Not everyone is a good candidate for a hair transplant. There are many examples of unnatural hairlines, overharvesting donor hair, poor growth and overzealous surgeons interested in making sales instead of rejecting a patient on the grounds of inappropriate donor availability. Understanding which procedure is best for you based on your degree of hair loss, how much hair you may lose in the future, the quality of your donor hair and your visual expectation will ensure the effort is worth the outcome.

The Doctor and Medical Team

The doctor makes the difference to your hair transplant success rate. Your doctor should perform the extraction, design the new hair style and be involved in the placement of the grafts with their medical support team. The medical team are also important to the success and survival of your grafts. Your team should be precise, fast, gentle and have access to the best microscopic technology and stem cell cultures or storing solutions to ensure gold standard yield.


A very important element is design. A great yield is not so important if the hairline is crooked, too low or looks too thin. Your surgeon should be like a hairdresser or artist who understands angles, hair styles and design principles. Make design part of your criteria when selecting your hair transplant clinic.


They say “seeing is believing” so make sure you do your research and look for hair transplant clinics that can show you a range of before and after images. These images can be found on websites, Google reviews, and you can also request to see testimonials and images at the time of your consultation with the surgeon – after all not all patients want to share their hair transplant journey and “before and after” pics with the public.

Medihair Hair Transplant Clinics have over 80 years combined experienced in hair transplantation and we guarantee the success rate of our surgeries. Supported by our 2018 Award Winning FUE Surgeon, we complete a full design workshop with you during your first consultation and on the day of surgery to ensure positive results and success. Book your free confidential consultation on 1300 355 325 with Medihair and find out how your hair transplant can change your look and your life!


Bianca Shaw

A well-respected surgical stylist, Bianca Shaw has worked in the hair loss industry for 28 years, educating and supporting patients, and working alongside many of Australia’s leading surgeons. Qualified in Trichology and Hairdressing, Bianca was initially trained by a leading hair transplant surgeon and can perform a range of procedures including hair line design, placement of grafts for maximum density, and the dissection and implantation of hair follicles.

Having worked for leading hair loss companies, and managing a number of successful hair transplant practices, Bianca is committed to helping patients understand the treatment options available, ensuring they make the best decision and get the best results to improve their appearance and quality of life.