FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

FUE Hair Transplant – All the Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor

Published 6 February 2020

What is a FUE Hair Transplant?

This is one of the most common questions asked when people are considering how to permanently replace their hair. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant procedure where single follicular units are removed one at a time from the donor area and relocated to the balding or thinning areas. FUE does not involve making a linear incision and instead will leave tiny incisions that are invisible, even if you want to shave your scalp. With the FUE hair transplant technique, you will receive permanent results with minimal pain and visually zero scars.

FUE is the fastest growing male cosmetic procedure in the world for men aged 24-32. The most common need that men have is to fill receding temples, re-define or strengthen weak or thinning hairlines and/or fill balding crowns. Many men are attracted to the concept of FUE because it does not leave a scar at the back of head.

Some think that FUE is a non-invasive walk-in and walk-out procedure that works for everyone; however, this is not accurate. FUE is an excellent option if you are a good candidate for this type of surgery and if your surgeon is very skilled and experienced in achieving results. For some, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is the better option. It’s important to understand there are two main types of hair transplant procedures and both have pros and cons.

What is the difference between FUE and FUT Hair Transplants?

The answer is, that while both these procedures aim to deliver the thickest and best-looking results, they differ in how the hair follicles are extracted. Each of these techniques carry their own advantages and disadvantages. FUE extracts one follicle at a time and FUT involves removing a strip of skin often referred to as ‘Strip method’. Which procedure is best for you will be determined by the quality of your donor hair, how aggressive your existing hair loss is, and your visual expectations about how you want your hair to look and feel.

What are side effects of FUE hair transplant?

If you are a good candidate for FUE and you are determined to improve your appearance, then this is an important question to ask. There are approximately nine steps in the process of performing FUE, and if any one of these steps is compromised, it will be reflected in the outcome of quality growth and the thickness of each follicle, thus your overall look. Whilst it is true that FUE will not leave a linear scar, it is still a surgical procedure and will leave tiny dots where the skin closes over after healing. In expert hands there should be visually zero scars.

Is FUE hair transplant permanent?

Many patients ask this question and the answer is “yes”. FUE hair surgery is permanent. With the right surgeon, you can improve your appearance and thicken your hair. This involves removing the single follicular units each containing between one to four hairs from the back and sides of the scalp where the follicles are genetically programmed to never go bald – to the areas that need replacement to last a lifetime.

A well-qualified surgeon understands the nine steps in this process to ensure the grafts survive, and thrive, during the relocation process. The surgeon must also understand how to leave the donor area intact and NOT to over-harvest.

A Gold Standard practice will place emphasis on the how your grafts are stored outside the body and the method by which they are implanted back in. Using special high-tech bio-cultures to store the follicles when outside the body, and specialised instruments to help the implantation process, can help ensure they grow to their optimum. Your surgeon and surgical stylist should also be concerned about your donor hair recovery and potential for future procedures if required.

What is the success rate of FUE hair transplant? Can you go bald again?

The answers to these questions will be determined by how aggressive your hair loss gene is, your age, your capacity to maintain existing hair, how experienced your hair loss surgeon is, and how much they care.

If your surgeon has extracted follicles in areas that are programmed to bald during your lifetime, your new grafts will NOT be permanent. To ensure this does not happen to you, seek the opinion of a surgeon who is highly experienced, reputable and who is concerned about your long-term hair loss situation. Your surgeon and team should also offer a stabilisation plan to prevent the onset of further baldness and promote growth of the existing hair.

The practice should be interested in whether it is appropriate to perform surgery and whether the right outcomes for you will be achieved. Avoid sales-oriented practices and take note that cheap prices may deliver sub-standard results. The cost is too great.

How much does FUE hair transplant cost?

This will depend on how many sessions you require (if you need more than one). The best way to get an accurate cost for your FUT or FUE hair transplant procedure is to book a complimentary consultation at the Medihair clinic in Melbourne.

What is the success rate of FUE hair transplant?

Surgery is not an exact science as it is the human body, so things can go wrong. The best way to ensure you don’t make a mistake is find a surgeon who will stand by their work and has a high success rate.

At Medihair, we will tell you if we cannot achieve a good outcome. Our award-winning surgeon has performed hundreds of successful hair transplant procedures and is concerned about high-quality, natural results that last a lifetime. Book a consultation so we can determine the status of your hair loss and provide a personalised plan that is based on the best treatment option for you. We are committed to giving you realistic and objective advice and will turn you away if we are not confident we can achieve a great outcome or believe you may not be a good candidate for our procedures.


Dr Mario Marzola

A renowned and skilled hair transplant surgeon with over 30 years’ experience, Dr. Mario Marzola has a kind and caring nature and takes the time to understand each patient personally. In 2018 “Dr Mazola was awarded the ‘Manfred Lucas,’ award in Hollywood by the International society of hair restoration surgeons for his talent. This award is the highest most prestigious honour and not given every year. The recipient possesses both rare and special talents in the hair transplant industry.”

Our Dr also pioneered the Trichophytic Closure – a hair transplant technique that is now used globally and in 2006 was awarded the prestigious Golden Follicle Award for his contribution to the hair restoration industry.

An active member of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and on the Board of Governors for International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), Dr. Marzola regularly attends and presents at conferences around the world and is an international trainer and lecturer in hair transplantation.