Medihair Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair Transplant Surgery; Cost & Success Rate

Published 6 November 2022

Cost & Success Rate

The cost of a hair transplant performed by a highly experienced, board certified hair surgeon usually ranges from $8000 – $18000 subject to your degree of loss. Hair transplant is permanent and grows in the areas you need it most, for the rest of your life. However, your existing hair should be stable so your hair loss does not progress and diminish away from the newly transplanted hair.

The success rate of a hair transplant has everything to do with how suitable you are for hair surgery and how well the surgeon and their team manage your surgery. The best surgeons in the world always have a large team to support your follicles! The surgeon should always be involved and leading your surgery.

Success rates should be at least 90% and ideally includes some complimentary hairs to compensate. Our selection criteria is proven and we will not hesitate to turn you away if we don’t think you are suitable for hair surgery.

Our growth rates are the highest in the world.

The Real Cost

Cost is important however you must recognise that there are other considerations that deserve to be at least as important as it is imperative to your success and wellbeing.

Most patients only want to have a procedure once, so ensuring your surgeon discusses how to improve your present visual situation – it’s important to have the conversation about what your hair will look like in 10 years from now. All the surgeons at Medihair will do a designed plan to improve your appearance now and map out the longer-term strategic options for your consideration

Low Cost Clinics

Cost is important however recognising that hair surgery is permanent and finding a clinic that operates with high ethical standards, committed to best yield including highest growth and thickness rates is very important.

Low cost clinics especially ones overseas have been associated with lower quality final outcome especially by fraudulent clinics operating outside the ethical standards of hair restoration surgery. The increase in the use of these low cost clinics resulted in The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery launching a campaign called the ‘Black market’ Hair Transplant, warning people of the greater risk of a botched operation with Black market surgeries. Serious complications associated with these surgeries include, overharvesting in the donor area, unnatural looking hairlines, larger scars, hair grafted in the wrong direction and infections.
Patients may initially appear to pay a cheaper price at low cost clinics for their surgery, however more and more patients are visiting well established hair surgeons to fix-up hair surgery as a result of travelling overseas for cheap hair surgery and surgery performed by machines in large chain cosmetic businesses. This has been a major trend in the USA, UK, and Europe and now we are seeing this growth in Australia.

Machines and Devices

Machines or robotic surgery marketed to be fast and less invasive can be detrimental under an
inexperienced operator. The surgeon must assess whether it is right for a particular patient, as the technique is not suitable for all donor sites. An experienced surgeon’s hand can judge the depth and force required to extract a patient’s hair and this is not possible under a robotic system.
Deciding on the best extraction method and the evaluation of a patient’s hair loss pattern, requires skill and experience which is critical to the eventual success of a hair transplant.

The Medihair Difference

Unlike other hair transplant clinics, we will not split the hairs of a follicle into more grafts, as this can result in poor growth and density. We perform the largest procedures in one day, to achieve major transformations quickly, without compromising on results.

Our highly experienced surgeons and qualified hair technicians are visually motivated and understand hairdressing and cosmetic surgery principles. We will implant new hairs at different angles and patterns based on your individual scalp analysis and aim to minimise the visibility of scars to ensure your hair looks completely natural.

Using specialised instruments to perform each hair transplant, we ensure less handling of the grafts to give you the best possible yield and growth.

Rest assured; we will turn you away if we are not confident that we can achieve a great outcome or believe you may not be a good candidate for our procedures. Your satisfaction, confidence and hair are our primary goals! Find our cost and payment for your hair transplant procedure here.


Dr Mario Marzola

A renowned and skilled hair transplant surgeon with over 30 years’ experience, Dr. Mario Marzola has a kind and caring nature and takes the time to understand each patient personally. In 2018 “Dr Mazola was awarded the ‘Manfred Lucas,’ award in Hollywood by the International society of hair restoration surgeons for his talent. This award is the highest most prestigious honour and not given every year. The recipient possesses both rare and special talents in the hair transplant industry.”

Our Dr also pioneered the Trichophytic Closure – a hair transplant technique that is now used globally and in 2006 was awarded the prestigious Golden Follicle Award for his contribution to the hair restoration industry.

An active member of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) and on the Board of Governors for International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), Dr. Marzola regularly attends and presents at conferences around the world and is an international trainer and lecturer in hair transplantation.