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Scalp Micropigmentation is a gold standard cosmetic treatment designed to simulate natural hair follicles by applying tiny colorants just below the skin or scalp.

Models, actors and those in the public eye have known for years the secrets of camouflaging thin or lost hair.  These days’ young guys, and women of all ages use this technique to give them the appearance of greater density which is completely natural looking.

In expert hands your practitioner will use colours that will blend with your existing hair and skin type which creates movement and the appearance of texture resulting in the appearance of thick natural looking hair.

Micro pigmentation can also be combined with hair transplantation; this approach is a popular technique designed to give you more real hair with the visual of much greater density. We also have 20 years’ experience in this field and sub specialise in the correction of hair transplant scars.


This non-surgical procedure requires little if no maintenance and is perfect for:

1. Men and Women with thinning hair

2. Men wanting to create the illusion of a full head of shaved hair

3.  Scar correction from previous hair transplant surgery

4. Correction of patches from Alopecia Areata

Micropigmentation combined with Hair transplant

SMP can also be combined with our Hair Transplant surgery options.

This combination procedure will greatly enhance the appearance of density if your aim is to give the impression of a thick head of hair.  We also help you manage your existing hair to prevent the onset of further hair loss and promote better growth

Kathy Truong – Master Micropigmentation Practitioner

Kathy is a Senior Dermal Therapist has over 20 years’ experience in micropigmentation and feather touch cosmetic tattooing.   Kathy is a certified micropigmentation trainer that has recently been accredited by Scalp Aesthetics International. Kathy specialises in Male and Female hairloss and works closely with a number of hair transplant surgeons.

Her expertise includes:

• SMP enhancement to create the visual of a full head of hair for men
• SMP correction for existing unsightly Hair Transplant scars
• SMP to achieve the appearance of full density in women with thinning hair
• SMP to achieve the appearance of full density in men with thinning hair
• SMP correction for Alopecia Areata patches
• Thickening poor donor coverage after FUE Hair Transplant surgery
• Eyebrow thickening to enhance shape and density

What to expect

We provide a gold standard treatment

Step 1. You will receive a no-charge consultation so we can assess your concerns, understand your family history and any medical issues, determine your expectations, and that we can improve your appearance.

Step 2. With Kathy, together you will design your treatment plan to ensure your visual satisfaction.

Step 3. Once your treatment is complete, you are welcome to come back for no-charge examinations to ensure you received positive results.