Medihair Hair Transplant Clinics

Dr. M. Alam and Dr. Andrew Kim 

Welcome to Medihair Hair Transplant Clinics

The Medihair Hair Transplant Clinics, based in Melbourne, is one of the best equipped and most surgically advanced specialist hair transplant clinics in Australia. We specialize in both FUT and FUE hair transplant methods that will provide you with exceptional hair restoration results to your hair loss dilemma.

Our state-of-the-art operating clinical facility affords you – our patients, with access to the latest technological equipment and the highest standards of patient care and attention. Let our highly qualified team of hair transplant experts bring back the gloriousness to your head with a new set of hair. We assure you of unparalleled quality results that will please and meet your desired and realistic expectations.

Hair Transplant Needs for Everyone

Hair loss is a condition that affects everyone – whether you are a man or a woman, young or old. Clearly, no one is exempted from the dreaded fate that is hair loss. Because we recognize this very fact, Medihair specializes in answering each person’s concern and circumstances with tailored hair loss treatment solutions.

We specialize in the treatment of both male and female pattern baldness. With our personalized approach, we ensure that your specific hair loss situation is fully addressed. We cover hairline placement and lowering, crown and temple hair placement and general hair thickening, putting emphasis on understanding the unique proportions of your face.

We always strive to give you results that blend seamlessly with your existing hair and one that is natural looking.

1 Queens Road, Suite 703, St Kilda Road Towers, Melbourne, VIC 3004

Superior Gold Standard Practice

Our medical team are experts in both the FUT and FUE techniques. With years of training and experience, we only employ international Gold Standard practice to ensure high yield of grafts for transplantation. While a high grafts number is surely impressive, we put more value on quality rather than in quantity.

Numbers are not important to us, what is essential is that we provide you tangible and quality results. We meticulously and carefully handle hair grafts every step of the hair transplant process to guarantee you 100% growth rate by using the latest in hair restoration technology to maintain the integrity of hair grafts.

Aesthetic Detail and Scientific Precision

Hair transplant is essentially both art and science. It takes both a keen eye for aesthetic detail complemented with scientific precision to make sure that you get hair growth that looks entirely natural. No one will ever notice that you had a procedure done with Medihair. We make sure that you get results that look like you just grown your hair naturally without the aid of surgery.

Experienced Experts

Our hair transplant team is headed by our expert hair surgeons Dr. Andrew Kim and Dr. M. Alam. Both Dr. Kim and Dr. Kim have years extensive training and experience in the field of hair restoration and cosmetic surgery. While each doctor have their own hair transplant specialties, both take top-notch execution in providing you with quality results.

They are known to providing patients with the best service, from the moment you step on their clinic, in understanding your unique situation, to the surgical process down to the post-operation consultations. The doctors will be with you every step of the way. Dr. Kim and Dr. M. Alam are also supported by their equally competent team of hair technicians and clinical staff. You are assured that you will be extended with utmost professional attention.