FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon, Melbourne

FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. M. Alam is a renowned cosmetic surgeon and has extensive experience in the field of General and Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery from Australia and the United Kingdom.

He is internationally recognized as a hair transplant expert, specializing in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and has been performing hair restoration since 1996. Dr. Alam has spent the last 10 years overseas working in large hair transplant organizations in the US, UK and Middle East performing 20 FUE procedures in a month.

He is committed to providing his expertise in performing FUE hair transplant in Australia and regularly attends international conferences to keep updated with the latest in hair transplant techniques.

Dr Alam was a Foundation Fellow and has been a mentor for the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery to train new doctors in this challenging field. Dr. M. Alam is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

Dr. Alam’s Hair Transplant Practice

Hairline design expertise

Dr. Alam is known for his keen eye for aesthetics and is recognized for his expertise in creating natural hairlines. As this area is a focal point and requires delicate attention, Dr. Alam puts emphasis in designing a new hairline that blends the hair grafts into the existing thickness and fullness of the surrounding existing hair by choosing the best hairs from the donor site.

Female Restoration

A woman is defined for her long and flowing thick hair. And Dr. Alam knows the importance of hair to a woman and the aesthetics required to create a luscious, bouncy hair volume result. He understands design and styling and how significant it is for a woman. This very quality makes him unique and the perfect hair surgeon to create hair befitting of a beautiful woman.

Lowest Transection Rate

FUE needs precise detail and expert skills. However, in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, it can result to a low growth rate. Dr. Alam operates at a high yield by investing in state-of-the-art equipment and using special techniques to properly handle the sensitive follicular grafts to ensure high growth rate of the new to result in the desired outcome.

FUE and FUT Combination

While he is more renowned in his expertise for the FUE method, he is also well-trained and experienced in using the FUT approach. This makes Dr. Alam a well-rounded expert in hair transplant surgery who can provide the most appropriate approach for the specific needs of every patient.

Experienced with Repair Work

Dr. Alam specializes in repairing scars and unsightly hair plugs. He is also skilled at creating amazing results for beards, eyebrows and eyelashes without the expected surgical scars. This is because using FUE has the ability to cherry pick hairs from the nape that will blend with the existing hairs.

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